Chantal Owens – Bully Farts On Brother Toy Free Leaked

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Video Title: Bully Farts On Brother Toy
Model Name: Chantal Owens
Video Duration: 13:04
File Size: 1.38 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Chantal Owens is the star of this video where she plays a bully who enjoys farting on her brother’s toy. The video has high resolution and runs for 13 minutes, making it an entertaining clip.

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The setting is in a house with various toys scattered around. Chantal wears a revealing outfit that exposes her big butt to the camera when she bends over to fart on one of her brother’s toys.

As she continues farting, it becomes clear that this bully finds pleasure in taunting and humiliating her sibling through flatulence. The toy being targeted is not identified but seems expensive given the reaction after each fart.

The video has been shot with precision to capture Chantal’s actions from different angles. It also includes close-ups of the bully’s face and butt while she performs her degrading acts on her brother’s toy.