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Video Title: Gagged and tied masturbation
Model Name: Candystart
Video Duration: 10:29
File Size: 164.11 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman is laying on a bed in the middle of a room while being gagged with a cloth and bound to the bed by tight ropes. She struggles against these restraints, yet she gets more agitated as time goes.

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She uses one hand to take off her panties and starts pleasuring herself by rubbing on her clit in different patterns. Her other hand is busy trying to remove the gag from her mouth so that she can moan freely, yet she struggles with this as well.

As she gets more excited, the woman manages to get a vibrator and starts using it on herself while still being bound to the bed. She is unable to reach certain parts of her body because of the ropes, but that doesn’t stop her from reaching orgasms one after another.

In the end, she reaches an explosive climax as both gag and restraints are removed. Her entire body shakes with pleasure while laying still on a bed in the middle of a room.