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Video Title: Secretly Cucked Over Facetime | Mom & Bully
Model Name: Bustyseawitch
Video Duration: 25:27
File Size: 1.44 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with the son of a woman being bullied by someone in their neighborhood. The boy is quite cruel and keeps taunting, pushing around his victim until she decides to intervene. She calls him over facetime while he’s outside but realizes that it might not be safe for her child to confront this menacing bully directly.

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As the video progresses, Mom becomes increasingly concerned about their son and tries to help by pretending to be a different person on facetime. She starts talking in an exaggerated voice and uses provocative language, hoping that it will make things easier for her child. The boy is still reluctant but slowly gets lured into the trap.

As Mom continues with their charade, they finally meet up face-to-face. However, instead of confronting the bully directly, she takes a more submissive role and pretends to be her son’s girlfriend. The boy seems satisfied but is still somewhat cautious about this turn of events.

The video ends with Mom successfully cuckolding their own child by taking on a different persona and seducing the bully. She even gives him a blowjob, making it seem like everything is under control now.