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Video Title: Earning Mother’s Approval
Model Name: Bustyseawitch
Video Duration: 22:49
File Size: 1.29 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A man brings home a new partner for his mother to meet and approve of. However, this time around, he has brought someone who is not up to her standards, causing the mom to become extremely angry at the situation.

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This woman that was introduced is wearing revealing clothing and seems focused on looking good rather than making others happy, pushing mom over the edge in terms of patience. She begins to belittle him and degrade his choices for a partner, using her disappointment as fuel to make this man become more aware.

Throughout the 22-minute video, it appears that Bustyseawitch is not only able to have sex with people but also seems to be getting pleasure from causing pain and suffering. She has a way of making things feel bad in order for them to become better – even if they are already good.

Bringing someone home who makes mom this angry shows that you may not care about yourself or the relationships with others, including family members. Learn from past experiences and make smarter choices when it comes to partners.