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Video Title: Mommy wants to be close again
Model Name: Bunibun
Video Duration: 23:41
File Size: 1.62 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A few days after a mother notices her son being distant, she decides to try and spend some quality time together by cooking his favorite dinner. However, he does not show up for the meal or talk with her that night, leaving her feeling unwanted. A couple of days later, she tries again by suggesting they watch a movie but once again, he blows her off.

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Feeling rejected and hurt, mom becomes determined to regain closeness with her son through an intimate act. She dresses up in sexy lingerie and waits for him in her room, initiating simulated intercourse and fellatio as a way of connecting emotionally with the one she loves most.

In this pornographic video titled ‘Mommy wants to be close again’, mom and son finally reconnect through intimacy. Although it takes some time for him to come around, mother is persistent in her pursuit of closeness with her child and manages to find a way to bond them together once more.

In ‘Mommy wants to be close again’, adult daughter uses seduction as a means to reconnect emotionally with the one she loves most. She understands that this is a simulated act but hopes it will bring her closer to her son and help bridge any distance that has come between them.