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Video Title: Mommy is a demon succubus
Model Name: Bunibun
Video Duration: 30:52
File Size: 2.42 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A mysterious book has been found in the attic and a ritual performed with it results in transforming Mom into a demon succubus. She convinces her child to have sex with her as this will return his real mother back.

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Mom starts giving blowjobs, riding from behind or frontal while being ridden until the child cums inside of her breaking the spell and getting their sweet real mommy back.

In order to change Mom back, she needs a book that was found in the attic. To get it back into the hands of Mom, they engage in various sexual acts for an extended period until finally feeling satisfied.

Mom wakes up after these events have transpired and does not remember anything but is happy to be alive again.