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Video Title: Christmas JOI with mommy
Model Name: Bunibun
Video Duration: 20:23
File Size: 661.02 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

It is Christmas morning and the matriarch of a family has planned a surprise for her son. She wears an alluring red lingerie, which accentuates her figure perfectly and creates an air of sensuality.

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She starts seducing him by touching his chest area gently, while making eye contact with him and bites on her lower lip. Afterward, she goes down to his lower body part and plays with the manhood for some time. She grabs it in between her fingers as if controlling a joystick of a video game.

In an attempt to make things exciting for both parties involved, Mommy puts on sexy red lingerie that highlights all of her assets. To add icing to the cake, she wears glasses and starts reading from a script in front of him. She makes it look like he is watching porn while staring at mommy’s face.

The matriarch has an intention of pleasing her son by doing all naughty things that are written on his Christmas list without making anyone mad. Since Mom does not want to hurt the feelings of her beloved son, she indulges in a slow buildup style vid where she tells him how to stroke it to mommy and gives him countdown from 10 with tits in focus.