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Video Title: Pumping 8 oz and swallowing
Model Name: Bumpinbaccas
Video Duration: 16:01
File Size: 5.99 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Bumpinbaccas can be seen in a video titled ‘Pumping 8 oz and swallowing’. She is standing with her back turned towards the camera, wearing only high heels and holding a large clear glass container with both hands. The content of this container appears to be a thick white liquid that Bumpinbaccas pours slowly onto a silver plate which already has some on it.

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As she keeps pouring more into the glass container, there is a noticeable change in color from white to clear as if water is being added. The height of this column of thick white fluid becomes taller with every addition until finally reaching 8 oz and then stopping. This process takes just over sixteen minutes.

Bumpinbaccas then proceeds to take a sip out of the container, looking straight at the camera as she does so before swallowing it down completely. The glass is held closer for a moment in order to see inside where some more thick white liquid can be observed. This process is repeated several times until all 8 oz have been consumed and swallowed.

The video concludes with Bumpinbaccas holding the now empty container, facing away from the camera and giving it a final look before setting it down on a surface nearby.