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Video Title: Expressing milk into a cup and swallowing
Model Name: Bumpinbaccas
Video Duration: 07:19
File Size: 2.74 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video features Bumpinbaccas expressing her milk using a manual technique. She first puts the cup in front of her breasts, then presses it against them to initiate the flow.

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Bumpinbaccas uses both hands to create more pressure and increase the amount of milk that comes out. Her nipples are extremely sensitive, so this process is a bit painful for her but she enjoys the feeling when someone swallows it

The video then shows Bumpinbaccas filling up a cup with her warm milk to about half way and swallowing it as if it was some kind of drink. She does that in order not to waste any precious liquid, but rather consume it all for the pleasure.

Bumpinbaccas has an amazing body which is fully shown in this video while she expresses her milk into a cup and swallows it as well. This makes us think about how great that would be if we could taste some of those precious liquids