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Video Title: Turning Your Bitchy Mom Into A Mindless Cum Doll
Model Name: Brooke Woods
Video Duration: 18:32
File Size: 861.31 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Your mother is wearing a tight leather collar around her neck and you are controlling her actions through a remote control, forcing her to become your obedient sex slave. She has been transformed from a nagging mom into a submissive woman who will do anything for you.

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She is not just cleaning the house or bringing you food anymore, she is serving as a cum dumpster and loving every second of it. You have complete control over her actions and can make her wear revealing clothes to please your friends. She has become your personal sex doll that will do anything for your pleasure.

The video game room in the house has been transformed into a playroom with various toys such as balls, ropes, whips, cuffs and other bondage items available. You can make her wear different outfits to match every occasion or even dress up like a little boy if that’s what you desire.

She will clean the house in lingerie because it turns you on. She knows this is your preference and she wants to please you at all times, just as much as when her collar was first put around her neck.