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Video Title: Knocking Up Your Girlfriend
Model Name: Brooke Woods
Video Duration: 10:29
File Size: 481.17 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video features Brooke Woods and lasts for ten minutes and twenty-nine seconds with a resolution of 3840×2160. The title ‘Knocking Up Your Girlfriend’ is used to illustrate the theme of this adult content where there is a clear intention to visually seduce viewers, making them feel like they are part of an intimate situation.

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The model Brooke Woods has been selected because she fits perfectly with the concept and style that this pornographic video wants to convey. The use of such a detailed resolution makes it possible for users to have a full view of her body while being penetrated by different objects in order to simulate an intimate situation.

The title ‘Knocking Up Your Girlfriend’ is used as a metaphorical way to indicate that the woman featured on this video has been selected among all other models because she can be considered someone’s girlfriend and for one reason only: satisfying her partner with explicit sexual acts. This also explains why there are so many close-up shots of penetration, which serves the purpose of making viewers feel like they are inside another person, feeling their pleasure as if it was happening to them.

Being able to offer a full view in 3840×2160 resolution while using Brooke Woods for simulating an intimate situation with different objects highlights how important visual appeal is when making adult content. This also means that the woman featured needs to be very attractive and fit as well, which was accomplished by selecting her among many other models.