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Video Title: CEI- Swallow Your Cum Filled Cocktail
Model Name: Brooke Woods
Video Duration: 10:12
File Size: 471.48 MB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

At a party in a luxurious hotel, you find yourself surrounded by friendly and naked people. It is not an orgy but a gathering where nudity is allowed.

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As the night progresses, one of your friends gets excited with the sight of Brooke Woods offering to help him cum on her cocktail. She then swallows it without hesitation while still standing in front of strangers.

Being able to swallow a cum-filled cocktail is not an easy feat as you have to be confident and bold. But this act has made your friend more popular at the party, with people giving him praises for his courage.

As you watch all these happening, it makes you feel happy that Brooke Woods can do such a thing in front of so many strangers. It is also an opportunity to showcase her talent and being able to help someone else cum just by swallowing something that she created.