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Video Title: Used in the office
Model Name: Brea Rose
Video Duration: 20:57
File Size: 4.92 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

Brea Rose is seen pleasuring herself with a vibrator while at work but unfortunately gets caught by her male colleague who records this explicit act on camera and blackmails Brea into sleeping with him.

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The man’s office is equipped with the necessary items to make it more comfortable for both of them, as he proceeds to undress and ravage his female worker in multiple positions including missionary and doggy style before finishing her off on a desk by jizzing all over her face.

Brea resists at first but eventually gives into the mans’ sexual advances with the promise of keeping her job intact, however she finds herself being treated like an object more than once until it is too late for her. The man also takes advantage of his worker by fucking her in multiple positions and giving a facial to Brea.

Brea Rose puts on another pair of glasses as they have sex with the male colleague again, but this time she gives him an even more exciting blowjob until he cums all over her face yet again. She is used by her male superior for his own pleasure and has no choice in giving it up to him once again.