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Video Title: Son tries to resist mom
Model Name: Brea Rose
Video Duration: 49:15
File Size: 6.05 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video begins with a mother and son in the same house, interacting like any normal family would do. But this particular situation is much more exciting than usual as it involves temptation, seduction, and lustful desires.

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Son’s girlfriend has left him because of his closeness to mom but she was just a pawn in their game, son tries really hard not to fall for his own mother. He is torn between the love he feels for her as a mother and the attraction that keeps growing every second.

Mom’s sensuality reaches new heights with each passing day but she doesn’t realize how much it affects son, even though they have been living together under one roof. She wants to fulfill all of his needs including sexual ones but not at the cost of their relationship.

This video showcases a lot of teasing and temptation from both parties involved, with many moments where things could have gotten out of hand if it wasn’t for self-control. It also features some roleplay scenarios which add an extra layer to this already spicy content.