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Video Title: Sister grows into a giantess
Model Name: Brea Rose
Video Duration: 09:49
File Size: 1.21 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with a woman, likely the brother’s girlfriend, drinking something in the kitchen and then begins to grow bigger until she becomes a Giantess. She is seen towering over her brother as they engage in sexual intercourse.

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Brea Rose portrays this sister character who grows into an enormous size but maintains her femininity throughout her transformation, still displaying the same curves and sensuality while destroying various objects around them with ease. Her growth is not only physical but also emotional as she becomes more dominant and assertive in bed.

The resolution of this video is 1920×1080 which allows viewers to see every detail of the sister’s transformation from normal size human being into a Giantess. The environment around them changes, with buildings collapsing under her feet and objects becoming smaller as she grows bigger.

The video duration is 9 minutes and 49 seconds long, providing enough time to appreciate all the details of this unique scenario where technology meets pornography in a creative way. The sister character continues growing until she becomes so big that even buildings are destroyed under her feet, showcasing her immense power.