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Video Title: JOI – Sister loves Humiliating my Small Dick
Model Name: Brazilian Girl
Video Duration: 10:21
File Size: 983.67 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Video starts with a woman standing in front of another person who is lying on the ground and getting punched by her sister, JOI. The man gets up from the floor and tries to fight back but she keeps hitting him with such force that he falls again.

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JOI’s sister then grabs a whip and starts using it on him while wearing only her lingerie which is made of thin material, revealing much. She seems very satisfied by humiliating JOI’s brother through this action.

While the man is getting tortured, there are close-ups of his face showing pain and agony. The woman then puts a leash on him and makes him crawl like a dog to get food. He has no choice but follow her orders because she is too powerful for him.

Finally, JOI’s sister pulls the man by his hair while wearing high heels and making him walk with those shoes in his mouth as well. The video ends with them having a conversation about how much pleasure it gives to JOI when her brother gets humiliated.