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Video Title: B/G School girl gets Blackmailed
Model Name: Brazilian Girl
Video Duration: 21:26
File Size: 1.99 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video starts with the schoolgirl arriving at a house and being greeted by her blackmailer. She is forced to perform sexual acts on this man while he records it all.

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As she enters, you can see that she is wearing a shirt and shorts which are both wet and torn in certain places, indicating that she had been struggling against him before giving in.

The schoolgirl then proceeds to take off her clothes piece by piece as the man continues recording everything. She tries to fight back but ultimately gives into his demands because he has something on her which can be used against her if need be.

Throughout this 21-minute video, she is made to do various sexual acts with different people while wearing only lingerie or sometimes even naked. This is all done under duress as the man continues reminding her of what he has and can use against her at any given moment.