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Video Title: Submissive Latina is spanked, fucked and cummed in her mouth
Model Name: Ayira Oba
Video Duration: 29:14
File Size: 3.91 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman of Latin American descent has found herself in trouble yet again, and this time she must pay the price for her mistakes.

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Upon arriving home without money, she is immediately subjected to a series of spankings by her male companion. He believes that this will help teach her a lesson about being more responsible with finances.

However, he feels that simply smacking her bottom isn’t enough and takes things further. After inserting his penis into the woman’s vagina in multiple positions, he cums deep inside of her while she is gagged to prevent any noise from escaping.

This punishment seems cruel but it does not seem to bother either party too much as they continue their kinky antics. The man can be seen ejaculating into the woman’s mouth at the end, signaling that he is still in charge.