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Stepbrother is spying on his stepsister as she prepares to go out with her boyfriend, and becomes aroused by the sight of her in such an intimate setting. He cannot believe that he is attracted to someone so close to him, but the urge is too strong to ignore. When she notices him watching from behind the couch, she confronts him about his actions.

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To prevent her stepsister from telling anyone about this invasion of privacy, stepbrother puts on a ball gag and collar with leash, becoming her personal slave for the night. He is more than happy to comply, as he gets excited at the thought of being in such close proximity to his sister and doing anything she asks.

As stepbrother becomes increasingly excited, his stepsister tells him that he must jerk off before anyone else arrives, or he will be kicked out. If he cums, then he is admitting to being her slave and willing to do anything for her. And the first thing he has to do as a good slave is eat his own load.

Stepbrother eagerly agrees to this proposition, jerking off until he cums and swallowing it all down without hesitation. He knows that stepsister will be pleased with him being her personal stepbrother-slave.