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Model Name: Astrodomina
Video Duration: 07:13
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Two statuesque Goddesses with a penchant for facesitting are featured in this video, the Amazonian giantess Jasmine Mendez and Sydney. They have one unlucky slave wrapped up on their bed like a present.

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As they sit on his face and grind it between their butt cheeks, he seems to be enjoying himself even though there is no release of pressure or pleasure from him. The two Goddesses bounce together without any care in the world for this slave’s life

Jasmine then starts her facesitting practice on his face and mouth, with Sydney following suit. They switch turns as they sit on the slaves head and slowly suffocate him, making it hard to breathe while he is still alive.

At one point Jasmine uses both of them at once in a double-barrel facesitting position, not caring about this slave’s life or feelings. This causes her massive ass to engulf most of the video frame and gives a good view just how big she is.