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Video Title: Sharing my BBC with you PT3
Model Name: Assondrasexton
Video Duration: 10:12
File Size: 1.21 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video is about a threesome where one person has an exceptionally large penis and the other two participants are engaged in both receiving it and teasing each other because they like that so much. The three people involved have their clothes on, but not for long as intimacy grows.

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One of them is getting a lot of attention from his partner who keeps giving him stickers saying she loves him because he is the owner of this BBC and doesnt want to let it go. While they are fucking, there is a third person standing on the side just watching them with pleasure. This person is also enjoying receiving BBC but not as much as the one getting it.

The three people involved in this video are all professionals who know what they like and how to get it. They have been fucking each other for some time now, building up a strong bond between them, which makes their love even stronger. The two people receiving BBC from the third person dont care that he is not giving equally as much back; they just want him inside.

In this video, you can see three different scenarios of sharing my BBC with you PT3: A couple fucking while a friend watches and enjoys themselves, then one partner gets more attention than the other which could make things tense if not handled properly, but these people know how to handle it. The second scene shows two people enjoying each others company as they receive stickers from someone who loves them so much he wants everyone else to feel the same way too.