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Model Name: Argendana
Video Duration: 38:13
File Size: 3.60 GB
Video Resolution: 3840×2160

This video is titled ‘RECEIVING THE ENTIRE FOOT FROM MY FRIEND MICHELE’ and features a man receiving Michelle’s foot in his ass. The man is getting penetrated by Michelle’s entire foot, with the clip being recorded at 4k resolution for high-quality viewing.

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The video duration is 38 minutes and 13 seconds long, featuring a close-up of the man’s ass getting stretched by Michelle’s foot. The man can be seen grimacing in pain as he receives the entire foot in his ass, with occasional glimpses of Michelle’s feet being shown.

The video was recorded using H.E.A.C.S (High end avance compression system for online streaming) making it possible to view this clip on a desktop computer with high-speed internet connection. The man in the video can be seen thanking Michelle as she helps him receive her entire foot, with rehearsal scenes included.

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