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Video Title: Mesmerized through Livechat 17
Model Name: Amelialiddell
Video Duration: 55:56
File Size: 3.23 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Amelialiddell is seen in a yellow tank top and black skirt with ginger hair in this video titled ‘Mesmerized through Livechat 17’. She has a choker necklace on. The camera is focused on her face, especially her wide open eyes that seem to have tears rolling down her cheeks as she rolls them. This causes an emotional response and can be seen as very alluring.

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The video resolution is at 1920×1080 which gives a clear view of Amelialiddell’s facial features, especially when she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in to hold it for a few seconds before exhaling. The yellow tank top compliments this action as the color matches that of tears on her cheeks.

Amelialiddell has tears rolling down her face and seems to be looking at something off-camera, possibly reading from a script. She is sitting in front of a plain white wall which allows for maximum focus on her facial features. The video length is 55 minutes and 56 seconds.

In this ‘Mesmerized through Livechat 17’ video Amelialiddell has tears rolling down her face, eyes wide open and she is wearing a yellow tank top with ginger hair. She looks like she could be sitting in front of a plain wall or looking at something off-camera that makes her cry. The choker necklace she wears compliments the emotional response brought on by this video.