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Video Title: Lost a bet- CEI in the car
Model Name: Amelialiddell
Video Duration: 09:05
File Size: 667.77 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman is driving around town while her friend sits in the passenger seat. The woman is dressed in a push-up bra and dress, showing off her cleavage. As they drive, the woman brings up an embarrassing topic for her friend: a bet he lost at a party. The consequences of losing this bet are not something the man wanted to happen, as it requires him to cum in a cup, swish it around his mouth, and swallow it.

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The woman is bossy and mean, but still friends with the man. She takes advantage of their friendship by making him perform these degrading acts for her entertainment. The woman even shows off her panties and pussy to make things more exciting for her friend. Despite feeling embarrassed, the man knows he has to fulfill his promise.

As the man performs this task, it turns out that there is a camera in place and people can watch him online on a pornographic video website called ‘Lost a bet- CEI in the car’. The woman continues to be bossy, but also takes care of her friend by giving him jerk off instructions. She even shows more skin and pussy for his pleasure.

The man finishes his task, but it is not over yet: he still has to cum in a cup, swish it around his mouth, and swallow it. This time the woman lets him do it alone, as she understands how embarrassing this can be for her friend. She then gives him panties and push-up bra so that he feels less embarrassed about what just happened.