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Video Title: 2 pump chump’s cheating GF
Model Name: Amelialiddell
Video Duration: 12:40
File Size: 918.09 MB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

A woman with a see-through dress and two-piece underwear is getting ready to go out, but her boyfriend is worried that she will cheat on him.

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To alleviate his concerns, she rides him, giving him an enjoyable time. She does this while wearing big heels because she wants to look good for the night ahead.

Despite this, her boyfriend is still worried and thinks that something isn’t right about their relationship. To make things better, she gives a blowjob with cum all over her face and cleans up before going out.

At the club, she meets another man who compliments how good-looking she is. She doesn’t take it as an insult but rather enjoys the attention from someone new.