Alice Chen – 63 Begging For It On The First Date Free Leaked

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Video Title: 63 Begging for it on the First Date
Model Name: Alice Chen
Video Duration: 12:03
File Size: 1.10 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

The video features a couple out in nature during what appears to be their first date. The male is seen trying different techniques and tricks to get closer to his female partner, but she seems uninterested.

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It could be that the man’s begging for intimacy on this initial rendezvous turned off the woman or simply that he did not impress her with any of his attempts. The setting is beautiful and peaceful, making it a perfect backdrop to their first time together.

The female has an air of confidence as she walks around in the wilderness, while the male struggles to keep up due to lack of experience or pure infatuation with her. This video could be used by couples who want to see how not to get close during their first date and learn a lesson from it.

The resolution is 1080p, making every detail clear about the couple’s interaction in nature and even capturing tiny insects as they fly around. The duration of this video is twelve minutes and three seconds, allowing ample time for both to enjoy each other’s company and also show their struggle with intimacy.