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Video Title: 61 Breathwork Intensifying Orgasm
Model Name: Alice Chen
Video Duration: 22:21
File Size: 2.04 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

This video demonstrates the use of breathwork in enhancing orgasms and creating a deeper connection with one’s own body.

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The initial part of the video is dedicated to practicing different breathing exercises, which helps in preparing for an intense and fulfilling climax. These techniques can be practiced alone or together with another person, making it more accessible for everyone.

In the second half of the video, there is a focused effort on using breathwork while masturbating, leading to a more intense orgasmic experience. This combination of breathwork and sexual pleasure provides an immersive feeling that leaves participants in complete bliss.

The resolution of this video is 1920×1080 pixels with a duration of 22 minutes and 21 seconds, providing clear visuals for everyone to learn from. The title ’61 Breathwork Intensifying Orgasm Full Video’ suggests that the user has complete access to this technique which can be used in their own time whenever they desire.