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Video Title: Bonus Sex from Boss
Model Name: Alex Bishop
Video Duration: 08:20
File Size: 1.17 GB
Video Resolution: 1920×1080

Alex Bishop is a very attractive and charming woman who works with you in the same company as your boss. The two of them share a great work dynamic where Alex gets her annual bonus by having sex with her supervisor, something that she finds fun but also necessary to feel fulfilled.

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One day while working on some papers, your manager calls for Alex and gives her a promotion in the same room as you. You can’t help but notice how big her tits are and they even seem bigger with the new title around her neck. She notices you checking out her body and invites you to have sex with her too.

Alex wants to feel like she is still valuable to your manager, so she offers herself in a special way just for him, giving one of her favorite toys as an extra bonus on top of the normal salary. She pulls you closer for a kiss while undressing and seducing you with every move.

As both of you start fucking, it becomes clear that Alex is not only your boss but also your fuck buddy because she can’t help herself from taking control of everything including this moment too. You let her take charge and enjoy the ride while cumming inside her after a nice power fuck