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Video Title: It’s OK to Cheat if your Wife Doesn’t Find Out
Model Name: Aimeewavesxxx
Video Duration: 25:21
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A couple is showing their home to a potential buyer. The wife wants to move to a more upscale neighborhood for better social status, but the husband likes where they are currently living and doesn’t want to leave. As they show the house, the wife mentions that she would prefer to live in a different area, and the potential buyer overhears this conversation. She then tells the couple that she wants to buy their home, but can only do so if they both agree on the price and location.

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The husband eventually agrees to move, but the wife is still hesitant. The potential buyer suggests that the husband should move without his wife, as she can be a bit difficult at times. She then proceeds to give him a blowjob and they have sex on the dining room table. As they are about to finish, the wife comes back and sees them having sex. She becomes angry and tells her husband that he needs to choose between her and this new woman.

The husband chooses the potential buyer over his wife because she is much more fun and exciting. The couple then decides to move, but the wife still isn’t happy about it. They eventually find a new home in a better location, and the wife becomes much happier. She tells her husband that she’s glad they moved and that she feels like they have a real family again.

The potential buyer then reveals that she knows the wife from school and has always hated her for being a snobby person. The husband agrees, as he too finds his wife to be difficult at times. He is happy to have found someone who treats him better, and they live happily ever after.